Scotch-Brite™ 7447 & 7448 PRO Hand Pads

Finish Like a PRO.

Get the job done faster with the fast, consistent performance of Scotch-Brite Hand Pads. 7447 PRO and 7448 PRO helps reduce surface prep time and offers exceptional durability.

Get the job done faster with the fast


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Improve Productivity:
Save Time and Money.

High performance pad takes less time to prep surface
and lasts longer.

Improve Productivity Save Time and Money
Fast, More Consistent Scratch

Fast, More Consistent Scratch

Tightly graded abrasive particles for consistent, uniform scratch throughout life of the hand pad..

Unique fibre coating capability assures a fast, consistent scratch.

Tough, Yet Flexible

New, long lasting pad made with
durable non-woven nylon web is
flexible enough to get into
hard-to-sand places.

Specially coated to minimize loading

Specially coated to minimize loading.

Convenience and Versatility

Convenience and Versatility

Ideal for everyday uses like prepping surfaces for color coat; general scuffing, cleaning and hand blending. Center
perforated for convenience and available in two grades.